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Larry Southerland - President, CEO, and Founder of Magpie

Gary Southerland - Vice President, CFO and Co-founder of Magpie

Timothy J. Cochran - General Manager, Contract Manager and Director of Operations for all Magpie Government and Contractor Work

James Getman

Ed Harrison

Elan Groberman

Jake Southerland

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Customer Satisfaction with Services Performed - CONTACT MAGPIE

For questions concerning customer satisfaction for services performed, please contact our administration office for more details.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Management procedures and adherence to a rigorous QA self-inspection process place Magpie Enterprises as a top quintile rated company nationwide. Our systematic approach includes a formal communications and reporting plan, inspection processes, and established measurement metrics (Q Points) at critical steps. Examples of these elements include:



Our management team briefs and inspects the work sites, personnel and equipment for compliance, ensuring required items and conditions meet requirements. Daily inspections are recorded as a CDRL and reviewed daily by management personnel. First and Second line supervisors are involved in this process at the deck plate level to ensure compliance with all contract and safety requirements.


Our management and staff firmly believe that the foundation of any quality program is not only having a system in place, but to measure the correct metrics to continuously improve in all areas

Trend Analysis

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the contract requirements and the specific tasks outlined in the PWS are the main stay of our ability as a services provider. This is what we do each and every day! The result of this knowledge, expertise, and experience greatly mitigates risk and any chance of a situation arising which could negatively affect performance quality. Magpie Enterprises gets the tough jobs done right…..the first time…Quality First

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SeaPort Program Information - CONTACT MAGPIE

For questions concerning APS Marine Seaport-e prime contracts, please contact our administration office for more details.